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BearWatch presence at the CSEE meetings in Fredericton

Evelyn Jensen (postdoc now at Yale), Christina Tollett (PhD student), and Kristen Hayward (starting an MSc in September all presented facets of work being done at Queen’s University at the 2019 annual meeting of the Canadian Society of Ecology and Evolution in Fredericton NB.

Christina talking about sea ice loss and potential impact of polar bear populations.
Kristen with her poster in which she discusses a new genotyping method for polar bear scat.

May 2019 TEK Workshops in Gjoa Haven

The Bearwatch team is excited to be back in Gjoa Haven, Nunavut for a series of polar bear workshops this week. We will be collecting Traditional Knowledge on bears including changes seen in recent years, hearing about the impacts of polar bear management on the community and discussing monitoring opportunities.

Thanks to the people of Gjoa Haven for the warm welcome this week, and a special thank you to Jacob Keanik for his translation services. We would also like to thank the Gjoa Haven Hunters and Trappers Association, community Elders and Hunters for their participation in polar bear traditional knowledge workshops and meetings exploring the impacts of polar bear management on the community.

Gjoa Haven from the ice.

Postdoc Evelyn Jensen presents at ArcticNet 2018

Evelyn presenting at ArcticNet 2018 in Ottawa

Dr. Evelyn Jensen presented an overview of our work to develop genomic tools for scat-based monitoring of polar bears across the Canadian Arctic. ArcticNet took place in Ottawa from the 10-14 of December 2018 and was attended by Evelyn, Christina Tollett, Peter VC de Groot, Graham Whitelaw, Tristan Pearce, Kim Flock and Steve Lougheed.